Seating Plan

A chart showing the layout of the Apollo Victoria Theatre's seats


The Circle is above ground level which spans from Row A to Y, omitting row I and V and split into 14 blocks of seating by various aisles. The Circle offers excellent views and is a popular choice for families with smaller children as it has tiered seating throughout, with 3 steps between each row. The Circle offers a variety of different ticket prices, with front-centre seats providing the best view. Good value tickets can be found in the rear of the Circle, still offering a great overall view of the stage. Row F in the circle is the most ideal seating location for customers with limited mobility.


The Stalls is an underground level which spans from Row A to Row ZJ, omitting rows I and V and split into 7 blocks of seating by various aisles. The best seats classed as Premium seats are located in the centre-front sections of the Stalls and in Row Q which has a walk way in front and so is great for customers wanting extra leg room. Views towards the rear of the Stalls are rarely obstructed by the overhang of the Circle, offering good, clear views of the entire stage, excluding the Dragon at the top of the stage for WICKED. Seats towards the end of rows in the front stalls are considered great value for money with minimal loss of the action on the stage.