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View our Apollo Victoria Theatre seating plan to find the best seats to suit your trip to see Wicked. Whether you’d like to make your experience extra special with an Ambassador Lounge package or you’re looking for the most family-friendly area, you can take your pick from our wide range of options.

Where is the best place to sit at the Apollo Victoria Theatre?

With a capacity of 2,328 seats London’s Apollo Victoria Theatre has plenty of choice when it comes to great seats to see shows. The centre stalls from row F-S provide excellent seats and a great view of the stage. If you require additional legroom, choose row Q seats as it benefits from a walkway in front.

The front of the Dress Circle offers an amazing panoramic view of the stage. The Circle is often a popular choice for families thanks to its elevated view of the show and tiered seating.

Apollo Victoria Theatre Seating photo
Apollo Victoria Theatre Auditorium photo

Which seats offer the best value to see Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre?

There are a number of areas where you can find great value seats to see Wicked. Seats towards the end of Rows A-P in the Stalls are close to the stage and are great value for money with minimal loss of action on the stage. You can also find excellent seats towards the back of the stalls section with rows X to ZC offering an unobstructed view of the show, often at a reduced price.

The front of the Dress Circle offers good value for money combined with a clear view of the whole stage.

Are Dress Circle seats good in Apollo Victoria Theatre?

Dress Circle seats at Apollo Victoria Theatre are among the best seats at the theatre thanks to a clear view of the entire stage. Central Rows B-F Provide the best views with almost no restriction in your view of the stage. There are clear views of the stage from almost all seats, though the very rear of the Dress Circle is a little distant but priced accordingly.

Apollo Victoria Theatre Auditorium photo
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How many seats in the Apollo Victoria Theatre?

The Apollo Victoria Theatre has a total of 2,328 seats. This is split into 1298 seats in the Stalls, and 1030 in the Dress Circle.

Are viewing restrictions clearly marked on the seat map?

Our interactive seat map does include clear messaging if there are any restrictions in the view from a specific seat. This is often reflected in the pricing of the ticket as seats with limitations in views tend to be available at lower price points. Please ensure you book with the official box office as not all sites include detailed messaging around viewing restrictions.

Apollo Victoria Theatre Seating photo